Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sugared Puffs

During my spring break baking frenzy, I made something much easier than the intimidating macarons while I was waiting for egg whites to come to room temperature: Sugared Puffs! A whimsical name for light and airy popovers crusted over with butter and cinnamon sugar - why not throw a few in the oven?

They were as magical to me as pitas, although a little slower to grant satisfaction: these take 35 minutes to puff up into fanciful edible balloons, while the pitas only take 3 minutes to swell.

The puffs deflated quickly when they came out of the oven, as they should, and then were brushed with melted butter and dredged through the cinnamon sugar, and voilà! Sugared Puffs. The nine popovers somehow only made it into 4 people's mouths, but trust me, everyone else was quite jealous.

Go ahead, give your food processor a spin, throw the batter in a well-buttered muffin tin, and eat them fresh out of the oven, coated in goodness. Great for celebrating spring. Or Passover (check it: these are only leavened by AIR!). Or Easter. Any excuse will do.

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  1. And those 4 people heard from ME, you may be sure! They smelled so good!