Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Macarons with FEET

Who knew that macarons could have GIGANTIC feet? I was so ecstatic that my first macarons had the little tiny feet that I never worried that the feet would be super-sized.

I remade the first recipe I had tried, from Desserts Magazine, since the only real problem the first time around was the fact that they stuck to the parchment paper. Again, this time they tasted good, but the distractingly large feet were visually just a tad, well, distracting. And they did tend to stick to the paper again...well anchored by their ginormous feet, right?

Here the lovelies are, sitting before baking to form the nice gloss on the outside. Before the alien feet crawled out from inside of the shell and took over.

Still not sure what to blame for the extra-footedness of this batch, but I'm working on it; probably should check to make sure this oven is the right temperature before the next batch...which will be from one of Pierre Hermé's wonderfully detailed recipes. Hope nobody messes with the egg whites I've got sitting on the kitchen counter!


  1. i'm utterly impressed by your level of commitment to the macarons!

  2. thanks! wait til you see the next ones :)