Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nonfat Plain Frozen Yogurt at TJ's

My current favorite frozen dessert is a new item at Trader Joe's: Nonfat Plain Frozen Yogurt. As much as I want to avoid making my blog an advertisement for TJ's, I cannot deny that there is amazing stuff there...and that I need to make a pitch for this item before it disappears like a number of my other favorites (didn't anyone else like the frozen soba noodle entrée or the matcha green tea powder?).

If you're a fan of EuroTart/Pinkberry/Red Mango or other "pleasantly tart" frozen yogurts (the kinds with live active cultures in them), give this stuff a try. It's not soft-serve, but it's creamy and great with berries on top. Because it's low in fat and sugar, it's relatively low in calories, and can count as a serving of lowfat dairy. And they say those live active cultures are fabulous for your health, in some way or another. Really, I just like the way it tastes with strawberries. And straight from the carton.

So check your local Trader Joe's ice cream section! If it's too tart for you, at least you'll have TRIED a healthy dessert option, and you won't be able to blame me for only posting full-fat and sugar-laden goodies on my blog. And if this item lasts at TJ's, I may have to share my family mochi recipe, which is my other favorite yogurt topping.


  1. I love this yogurt! Just discovered it a few days ago and I was googling it and came across you! Love your blog! Keep it up! I can totally relate as a fellow foodie (just too scared to blog about it).

    I mixed TJ's non-fat fro-yo with TJ's Mangolicious mix in my Vita-mix! mmmmm! I don't think I will ever go back to Pinkberry again :)

  2. welcome, bonjour, blanket! I'm glad someone else is helping support TJ's non-fat fro-yo, since I eat it every day - including this very moment, with sprinkles. Thanks for the Mangolicious tip! Save up those tips for your future blog :).