Friday, September 19, 2008

Kosher Funny

For any of you Hebrew readers out there, I thought this was funny.

(and if you don't read Hebrew, I'll explain that this is funny because the exact words "Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt" are transcribed into Hebrew above the English; with the exception of the word for "kosher," which is written correctly in Hebrew, all the other words could have been written with the Hebrew words that mean "diamond," "crystal," and "salt" but instead they are just written with the Hebrew letters that will cause someone to pronounce the words just as the English words would be pronounced.)

Anyways, I think it's funny.


  1. מײַנע חבֿרטע ליסאַ,
    דאָס איז יידיש, ניכט עברית.

  2. Mystery solved then! The box is in Yiddish and not Hebrew. Silly me :). Still, I enjoyed thinking that the box was in Hebrew.