Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Amazing Gelatin Sheets

I had to share more photos of the gelatin sheets in their different incarnations, mostly because they are fascinating to me, but also to be helpful to anyone else who wants to work with them. When I read about them online, I had a hard time picturing how something in "sheet" form could be softened yet still retain enough shape to be squeezed out.  It's still somewhat of a miracle to me (which is why I'm still fascinated...), but here's a small bit of the mystery revealed.

Above we have 7 sheets after they've been soaking in water for about 10 minutes. 
Pretty, non?

And here is their lovely profile.  I love how those ripples form on the lines that were dotted across the dry sheets diagonally.

Getting squeezed out.  This time they were not like Chinese jellyfish appetizer because I soaked them longer and they got softer.

One of the guimauve steps, where the softened and squeezed-out gelatin sheets are added to the syrup of agave nectar, sugar, and water.  It foams up quite nicely when stirred, and then settles down as it dissolves.  

This batch resulted in the best marshmallows ever: caramel and orange blossom.  The caramel guimauves had fleur de sel and brown sugar sprinkled on them, and the orange blossom ones had orange blossom water in them, with granulated sugar and orange zest on the outside. Beautiful and delicious, especially dipped in chocolate!  Definitely my new favorites...until the next batch.

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