Saturday, October 3, 2009

Summer Food Summary

Somehow it's October and I am realizing that all of September passed without a blog-peep from me! As always, silence on the blog does not mean that I haven't been cooking or eating, so here's a photo summary of some summer highlights...before fall leads into the holidays and it's next year already. Enjoy!

Caramelized White Chocolate has not fallen off my radar yet, and has now been featured in ganache form as macaron filling and ice cream topping. Slightly burned white chocolate is its close cousin (an incident which revealed that my new oven runs hot!) whose butterscotch flavor may still be suitable for a gingerbread, more to come on that...

And more vegan cupcakes, in mint chocolate and salted chocolate incarnations...

As well as fabulous paninis at Surfas, well toasted but not greasy, filled with avocado smear, pesto, and otherwise lovely ingredients. Tasted a very nice chocolate cannellé there too, which may or may not have been eaten prior to the panini.

Figured out my favorite way of presenting and coating marshmallows - cut out with cookie cutters (much cleaner look than cutting into squares), coated with granulated sugar. A pleasing light crunch on the outside of the light, barely chewy marshmallow. Still loving rose flavor, and tried it out combined with almond extract. These babies are all about texture, although I still get more insecure about serving these to people than anything else - I'm always afraid they will not live up to people's marshmallow expectations, and they'll think they're strange. Made a lot of these when my oven was down!

Tasty Persian lamb shanks with saffron and sour cherry rice (okay, so my dinner companion ordered this, but it was more photogenic and unique than what I ordered!).

Banana lumpia, fried in phyllo dough with caramel sauce at Gerry's Grill. If this is Filipino dessert, I need to try me some more Filipino desserts!

Discovered I can get full on Farmer's Market fruit samples...these peppers at SF's Ferry Building aren't fruit samples, but they are pretty.

And intense, creamy, thick hot chocolate at Bittersweet Cafe. What a way to welcome the fall.

Stay tuned for this year's Oktoberfest treat: Chocolate Stout Cake. Nothing is more natural than baking with Guinness!

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