Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Baking

It's really hard not to bake something when you've got this photo from White on Rice Couple's blog on your computer desktop, let me tell you. I keep thinking what a beautiful batter that madeleine batter is, and how nice the madeleines would taste with their lemon glaze, and how much I want a copper mixing bowl. Gorgeous photo.

Meanwhile, I've been messing around with the blog template, trying to get a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing layout that also works in my chocolate-dipped strawberry cupcake photo at the top, since that photo is on my card. What do we think? I'm still deciding if I will keep the layout or not...


  1. at the moment I'm not satisfied; I wish this format made more use of the screen and did not have the big columns of gray space on each side.

  2. I like the rich red at the top, but maybe a different font for the title?

  3. i think it's cleaner and prettier this way! :)