Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pitas in Action

Just in case you, like me, are procrastinating, I have prepared a series of time-consuming videos of pitas being baked. This is tangentially related to an archaeology exam I have coming up, so we'll just say that I'm only half-procrastinating. Click on the photos below to view the videos on youtube.

Disclaimer: This is not the complete history of the pita bread. This is for procrastinatory purposes only.

This is the first video I came upon, which most closely reflects the process of ancient pita baking: a round oven, heated so that the walls retain lots of heat and the bread puffs within minutes of being stuck it in (there, that's somewhat studious).

I couldn't make it through this whole video, but I thought it was funny. Be glad I do not present my recipes this way.

The first of two very different industrial pita machines; beware, the dough at the beginning looks a little gross. And then it just stretches, and stretches...I found myself wondering if I was watching the wrong video, because it took a while to look like pitas.

This is a thorough machine that makes the dough in circles from the beginning rather than cutting them out:

And for those of you who want to just sit in front of the screen and watch a pita rise in real time:

And to think that you could have made your own pita dough in the time you took to watch those videos - ha! That's what procrastination is all about.

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