Saturday, December 13, 2008


On my trip to Boston last month, I had a fabulous time at a chocolate buffet, but I also re-discovered another luxurious pleasure: taking myself out to lunch. It was my last day in town, and I still hadn't made it to Sonsie, where I'd been trying to go all week, so I decided to use my last few hours there to take myself out.

I had been there once in 2003, and still remember vividly the gingerbread waffle with cinnamon ice cream and caramel sauce that I had that time, so I knew I had to go back. In addition to the great food, it is located on beautiful Newbury Street, and is known as a place to see and be seen. Indeed, I saw two members of the Office cast come in while I was there for a late lunch, so that and the meal made my day!

I felt like a burger, so I got this sirloin burger with yummy pickles and fries. And I ate it very slowly, savoring each juicy bite and enjoying the peaceful table to myself. As much as dining with other people is fun, I find it quite relaxing to be able to enjoy my food without making a social occasion of it. Food is versatile, after all - it is good for a party and for your personal enjoyment!

I wasn't ready to leave after my entrée, so I ordered an espresso and this lovely Pear Hélène: a pear peeled and cored, poached in a vanilla syrup that soaked through all the pear flesh, and served with dark chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. The chocolate sauce was so good that I was scooping it up with my little coffee teaspoon when the waiters' backs were turned, trying to not embarrass myself in this nice establishment.

The wait staff were wonderful, giving me a place to set my suitcase, and letting me sit as long as I liked. I enjoyed the experience so much that I took myself out to brunch on my birthday, and it was equally fabulous. I may have to work up to going out to dinner alone, but at the present I plan to reserve breakfasts, brunches, and lunches out alone as a special treat. Take a book or just sit alone with your thoughts and the bustle of the restaurant - you'll love it!


  1. ohmigosh! i totally just found this randomly, but sonsie is one of my fave spots in boston!! :D how cosmic! ;)

  2. and i just realized that we are *totally* friend soulmates! b/c i love taking myself out to lunch and dinner for all the reasons you mentioned! plus, you know restaurants are wonderful when they know exactly where to seat you and how often to check on you! :)

  3. yay! agreed on all accounts. I am disappointed in anyone who goes to Boston and does not go to Sonsie. This reminds me that I should take myself out to eat sometime soon...but don't have any such faves here. Suggestions on sit-down places?