Monday, June 2, 2008

Tmol Shilshom (תמול שלשום)

I've got a few posts coming up on my travels in Israel, beginning with this glowing report of my now-favorite cafe in Jerusalem: Tmol Shilshom. The approach to this cafe in New Jerusalem increases its intrigue for me: down a side street, past the pictured sign into a small alley, to a larger alley, up a corner flight of stairs and through a half-hidden door. Thus one enters this cozy bookstore cafe, which my friends and I made our home for long conversations and study sessions over the past three weeks.

The eclectic and warm ambiance at Tmol Shilshom plus its wonderful coffee and food (healthy and creative options with beautiful presentation included!) make this almost my ideal cafe (ideal = lower prices and closer to home). The photos I am posting here are a sampling of the beverages and food that we ordered, and I hope they take you one step inside this lovely home away from home.

soy latte in adorable cup and saucer

fresh and filling breakfast:
 granola and fruit with pourable yogurt, 
fresh bread with yogurt spread, cheese, and jam

a group favorite: 
iced coffee served with warm liquid sugar

I love that they serve free carafes of water with lemon slices and mint leaves!

a luscious tart: 
shortbread crust with smooth, hot melted chocolate in the middle

saffron ravioli

a Sinai Sahlab in the signature Tmol Shilshom mug: 
thick custardy sweet drink with bananas and nuts on top

The Mistress Salad (marvelous!): 
arugula, chopped apples, walnuts, caramelized pears, 
caramel dressing with cheese on the side for me

the Submarine (amazing!!!):
steamed milk so hot it melts the bar of chocolate in it, 
with almond liqueur mixed in and pink and white marshmallows

Much thanks to the multiple friends that recommended Tmol Shilshom to me!

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