Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Oinkster

Several months ago some friends told me about a restaurant in Eagle Rock called The Oinkster, which they praise for its high quality "slow fast food," its renowned chef, and its affordable Happy Hour prices.  I took advantage of my sister's and brother-in-law's birthdays to invite them out to a meal at The Oinkster (don't all food enthusiasts make opportunities for trying new food with friends?), where we sampled the fare.

I had heard much about the Belgian fries (= twice fried!), so I made sure that we had plenty for each of us.  The others had made their selections through the website ahead of time, so we ended up with a variety of plates, all served in a timely and friendly manner.

1/4 rotisserie chicken, dark meat.  Sides were completely customizable, so here you see the Belgian fries, garlic aioli sauce in the background for dipping, and fried plantains.  The plantains were lightly fried but warmed all the way through, and even-textured - not mealy.  This was ordered with a chocolate shake, which was very chocolaty.

Oinkster Pastrami sandwich.  The pastrami is cured in-house, and here is sandwiched with Gruyere, caramelized onion, and red cabbage slaw.  The pastrami was meaty, smoky, and salted just the right amount.

Classic Burger 1/3 lb.  Juicy fresh ground Angus beef with house-made thousand island dressing, caramelized onions, crisp lettuce, and house-cured pickles.  Is there anything this restaurant doesn't make for itself?  This was my choice, and I didn't share one bite with the others.  I even ate all of the onions, which I normally remove at least in part.

We were too full to take on any of the desserts, but the cupcakes looked sprinkle-licious and the sight of the root beer floats almost had me reaching for my lactose pills (they were served in a large glass of 3 scoops of ice cream, bottle of root beer on the side).  Premium beers and wine are available as well, along with a unique soda selection.

While this place falls into the category of high-quality but less healthy and mostly non-vegetarian food (except for the veggie burger and beet salad, which I'm sure they make themselves), it certainly is a great treat for the occasional fast food meal.  Apparently breakfast is served on the weekends, so that will surely merit another visit...

The Oinkster
2005 Colorado Blvd.
Eagle Rock, CA  
Orders also taken through the website

Happy Hour: 3-6 pm Monday-Friday


  1. The delicious previously mentioned pastrami sandwich was my selection. This is something I've tried numerous places (including the "World Famous Hat"), but all were surpassed by the Oinkster Pastrami. I feel the key was now only the delicious pastrami, but the caramelized onions. I highly recommend this place.

  2. Very nice blog, Lisa! I am most definitely not a foodie (Nate is rather appalled by my low standards at times!), but enjoy reading the nuanced perspectives of those who are...

    Also: while reading this, I had a flashback to sitting with you and Wendy in a coffee shop in downtown Chicago at some point, and you mentioned being lactose intolerant. How crazy is that?!? Maybe it just stuck out in my mind 'cause I drink way too much milk.

    Anyway, good to chat, and happy fooding in France!